36410 trees planted!

Our Story

A dream worth pursuing

I´m Ignacio Carcavallo, digital nomad and Founder of Treevotion©. I was born in Argentina near Patagonia and I want to share our story.

For almost 9 years with my partner Leandro Chennales, we developed one of the biggest and most influential daily deals e-commerce in Argentina. Over those years, we sold +3 million transactions and +USD 60 million, we employed more than 500 people and worked with over 20.000 merchants. We were very passionate about executing and getting things done, developing people and unlocking every limit encountered on the road. 

But there was just something missing. We knew we could make things happen but we were missing a true purpose, something that could really make a dent in this Universe.

In early 2018 I was traveling around the World, looking for inspiration for a new project, learning about deforestation and tree planting. After months meditating in the Indian Himalayas and getting to know the local communities I realized that my purpose in life was driving people massively to help and leave a substantial green footprint in this Planet.

After brainstorming with Leandro, we decided to build a social business that would create global consciousness on deforestation and plant trees worldwide. So we sold our past business and set up a passionate team that wanted to devote their life to make a real change: Treevotion© was born :)

We are thrilled about how this adventure has developed and we have already accomplished to plant more than 16.000 trees only in the beginning of this project. 

Our team has set an honest intention:
Together, we will plant 1 BILLION trees around the World in the most needed areas, building global awareness and consciousness on deforestation, driving people to help and share what they do in order to inspire to help everyday.

Every bracelet sold will fund the planting and follow up of 2 trees. We will not stop until we reach this first milestone and we are committed 110% to reach this first goal. The only way to achieve it is by getting together and making a mark.

Become a #Treevoter and join our #BillionTreesChallenge. 

See you in the forests and greetings from the Himalayas :)